Dear sponsor of AWS Community Day 2022 Netherlands,

Before we dive into the formal details of sponsoring, I would share a few words on behalf of the organizers of AWS Community Day 2022 Netherlands. My name is Martijn van Dongen, and I’m AWS Community Hero and one of the co-organizers of meetups and AWS Community Day. We are working really hard to invite great speakers, attract all sponsors, and deliver a great event to all participants.

AWS Community Days are sponsored, non-profit events and require budget for things like the venue, food & drinks, technical equipment, entertainment, etc. The event is organized by a group of volunteers. Sponsoring this event is interesting for AWS partners and customers for various reasons:

  1. Allow your employees to learn and to share knowledge and experiences.
  2. Promotion at the event to find new talent or to highlight your product or service.
  3. Opportunity to invite (potential) customers to the event.
  4. Opportunity to organize workshops and sessions during the event 1.
  5. Expose your company likes the AWS User Group and our initiatives.

AWS Community Days are organized by volunteers and only possible with many sponsors. We noticed it’s hard to predict if the event is going to be small, large or “24xlarge”, so not all packages are available immediately. For sponsoring, we only have “Gold” and “Diamond” available, at a price we think is a no-brainer for most of our sponsors. Gold, for small and medium AWS partners and customers, and Diamond, for the premium partners and large customers.

When we are confident the event will become bigger when we have many confirmed sponsors and 600+ (pre-)registration. Then we open “Silver” and “Platinum”. Silver as a much cheaper option, and Platinum to give the 3 big sponsors of the event the opportunity to remain one of the big 3, while we allow more Diamond sponsors. Besides the packages there is a huge list of add-ons available, to make the event even more interesting for you as a sponsor, for speakers, and for attendees.

Contracting, invoicing and logistic support will be done by LEF m&e (see prospectus). Feel free to include me in cc if you have questions about the event or sponsoring. Hope to see you at AWS Community Day!

Download prospectus

On behalf of all organizers (soon to be published)

  1. Most sessions are organized via the Call for Papers. We will reserve a select breakout rooms and timeslots for our sponsors. ↩︎