AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

Yan Cui

AWS Serverless Hero / Developer Advocate at Lumigo

Yan is an experienced engineer who has run production workload at scale on AWS since 2010. He has been an architect and principal engineer in a variety of industries ranging from banking, e-commerce, sports streaming to mobile gaming. He has worked extensively with AWS Lambda in production since 2015. Nowadays, he splits his time between advancing the state of serverless observability as a Developer Advocate at and helping companies around the world adopt serverless as an independent consultant.

Yan is also an AWS Serverless Hero and a regular speaker at user groups and conferences internationally. He is the author of Production-Ready Serverless and co-author of Serverless Architectures on AWS, 2nd Edition, both by Manning. And he keeps an active blog at and hosts a serverless-focused podcast at


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