Thomas Buiks

Product Manager NN Cloud Factory

As Product Manager for the NN Cloud Factory, Thomas Buiks is responsible for the cloud vision and platform strategy within NN-Group. His teams include the Azure, AWS and Container Platform teams that deliver scalable, secure and fully automated cloud platforms and building blocks according to self-service principles. Thomas started his career at NN seven years ago and has made an interesting journey throughout its IT infrastructure landscape. His initial role was within the on-premises environment, which he migrated towards an SDDC stack at IBM Cloud later in his career. Lately he has been involved in NN’s public cloud journey as Product Owner for the Azure platform team and now as Product Manager for the Cloud Factory. His drive for the Cloud Factory is to become the best and most successful tech-company within a larger corporation ever. By delivering products, services and a culture that enables the BU’s in their digital transformation. In his spare time, Thomas is a big fan of sports and family life. Being active ignites his creativity when using tech to achieve greater goals.