Martijn van Dongen

AWS Community Hero

Martijn is an AWS Community Hero, founder of, and freelancer. Passionate about AWS and ingenious in sharing knowledge.

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Agustinus Nalwan

Head of AI/ML at

Passionate in technology innovation to make people’s life easier and with over 25 years of experience in software development, Gus has been working in various industries from 3D/Animation, Games Development, Desktop Software, mobile apps and very recently Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Well-known for unorthodox ways of solving difficult problems, Gus currently works at Carsales as the Head of AI/ML. Gus is an AWS Machine Learning Hero.

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Bas Tichelaar

Managing director during the day, nerd at night

Founded and sold 2 startups, worked as a devops/cloud consultant for about 6 years and recently switched to the dark side. Nowadays I’m running a boutique cloud consultancy in Utrecht named Skyworkz.

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Ben de Haan

Security Engineer/Consultant at Xebia Security

Ben is a Security Consultant working for Xebia Security, with experience as Security and DevOps engineer. His specialties are implementing security in DevOps environments and serverless/cloud security. He likes to spend time devising security analysis methods, integrating security into pipelines, and creating cool (and secure) things in the cloud.

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Christiaan Nieuwlaat

Software Engineer | DevSecOps enthusiast at Team Rockstars

Christiaan Nieuwlaat has been programming since he was 4 years old, started by typing over MSX basic listings from MSX Tips and Tricks books. Now, through different languages as Assembler, Pascal, Delphi, C and C ++, 35 years of experience further, he’s both skilled in both Java and .NET, and currently focussed on AWS, Cloud, Architecture and Security.

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Detelina Vassileva

Head of Managed Services at HeleCloud

Head of Managed Services at HeleCloud

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Gunnar Grosch

Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Gunnar is an AWS Serverless Hero and technical evangelist based in Sweden. With a focus on building reliable and robust serverless applications, Gunnar has been one of the driving forces in creating techniques and tools for using chaos engineering in serverless. He regularly and passionately speaks at events on these and other serverless topics around the world. Gunnar is also an organizer of AWS User Groups and Serverless Meetups, as well as being an organizer of ServerlessDays conferences.

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Ivica Kolenkaš

System Engineer at Bestseller Services BV

Ivica Kolenkaš is a system engineer by day, Python coder by night who helps other software developers deploy and run their applications on AWS. His passion for software development helps him gain insight into how other peoples’ code works and how it could be improved. He believes in infrastructure-as-code and serverless, combining both to deliver results quickly, repeatably and with reduced cost. Ivica currently holds the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certificate, with a desire to attain the Professional level.

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James Beswick

Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS

I’m a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS Serverless, helping developers to learn about the benefits of serverless technology. I was previously a Product Manager, Developer, entrepreneur, author and AWS-Certified Builder.

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