AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

Elvin Luff

Consulting Engineer at Oblivion | Part of Xebia

Elvin Luff is an Amazon Web Services native at Oblivion whose career was born in the cloud, with an eye for good cloud infrastructure practices, and incorporating security into DevOps through infrastructure as code. Elvin has extensive experience in building secure serverless applications for enterprise, most recently in PostNL. He shares his passion for the cloud by teaching others, whether it be in the office, in the classroom or on the conference stage.


SPN014 - The code-building power of CDK bundling in your serverless application

Room: droogcabine - When the lines between infrastructure and application code get increasingly blurred in your Serverless environment, for many DevOps teams, the path of least resistance is to lean into infrastructure as code tools such as the AWS Cloud Development Kit and build increasingly converged codebases. Read more