AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

SLS311 - PostNL: IoT at Scale with Serverless Evolutionary Architectures

20M Meetup Style - Room: droogcabine - Start Time: 19:45

PostNL tracks the location, movement, and usage of more than 300.000 assets across the Netherlands. To be able to achieve this, the PostNL IoT Team builds and maintains a platform to process millions of updates per minute. This Serverless, Event-Driven Architecture is subject to constant change: new technologies, business requirements and competitors require us to move fast, while maintaining reliability and stability.

In this talk, Selcuk Sasoglu will tell you how PostNL designed and built this massive data pipeline, using Serverless technology and the principles of Evolutionary Architectures to guarantee flexibility, reliability, and scalability.


Selcuk Sasoglu

Lead Software Engineer at PostNL