AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

SLS303 - Building a mindset to successfully adapt DynamoDB's Single Table Design

1H Deep Dive - Room: postwagon-1 - Start Time: 14:30

In my experience of working as a consultant and then as an Architect in product company, I find a common pattern when it comes to database adoption. A lot of people coming to product companies with relational database experience, find it very difficult to adapt to the way DynamoDB works.

This talk distills down my experiences into actionable insights of up-skilling myself and a lot of folks with relational database background to successfully adopt DynamoDB. This talk focuses on three main topics - how DynamoDB operates differently, the effects of this differences in data modelling and how once can adapt their thinking to reap the best benefits from DynamoDB.

In this talk, I will cover a little theory and then walk though an example where I take a Relational database schema and convert it into Single Table Design. I will also demonstrate the API requests using CLI as a part of the demo.


Anurag Kale

AWS Data Hero / Cloud Architect at Polestar Cars