AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

Main Stage
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Room Setup: Theater Seats: 30

Sessions (7)

SPN020 - Cloud Security Posture Management done well

Sounds like a thing that takes time to set up, doesn’t it? Let’s set it up together in under an hour! You will set up a CloudOne account and we’ll help you attach your own AWS environment, providing you direct results and insights. Read more

Sebastiaan van der Meer

DevOps Evangelist and Solution Architect

SPN026 - Securing File Storages Directly

Malware uploaded through public websites are an emerging threat. How to secure an S3 bucket? You will set up a CloudOne account (or reuse the one from the first workshop we gave) and we’ll help you get immediate protection for newly uploaded files in your own AWS environment. Read more

Sebastiaan van der Meer

DevOps Evangelist and Solution Architect

CDK201 - Build your first CRUD API in 60 minutes with AWS CDK!

In this workshop you will create a CRUD API that Creates, Reads, Updates and Deletes items from a DynamoDB table. The API will run serverless, so there is no management of the underlying infrastructure and scaling is done automatically. Read more

Enri Peters

Full time nerd, MCE and AWS addict @ Schuberg Philis

SPN028 - Why end-to-end monitoring is essential for AWS Lambda applications?

If you are building applications based on Lambda or microservices architectures, you need full visibility into all tiers of your stack to help you: Optimize response time hotspots Optimize timing hotspots Simplify error analytics Understand and optimize your architecture Read more

Mahil el Khatib

Solution Engineer at Dynatrace

SPN006 - What's your landing zone energy label? Visualising your risk level using Security Hub.

The reporting capabilities of Security hub are targeting engineers and miss a higher level presentation that could target POs or C level people. We present a security dashboard that provides provides a distilled high level overview of the security and risk posture of your AWS account/Landing Zone by using a security measurement model. Read more

Costas Tyfoxylos

Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis

SPN019 - How I failed to become an AWS Community Builder (but how I will succeed next time and how you could as well)

Are you trying or would you like to become an AWS community builder? Then the title doesn’t sound something like you would like hearing, right? Well… I recently experienced being not accepted into the AWS community builders program, and trust me I learned a lot from it. Read more

Enri Peters

Full time nerd, MCE and AWS addict @ Schuberg Philis

SPN001 - Cloud exit as a service (CEaaS): strategized and stress-free

Given today’s geopolitical rockiness and its instant ripple effects worldwide, many companies are deciding they can’t afford to be locked into services from a cloud vendor . Planning an exit is complex. Read more

Jos Vliegenthart

Customer Director at Schuberg Philis