AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

Main Stage
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Room Setup: Theater Seats: 40

This location is located behind the wardrobe.

Sessions (7)

ARC205 - Automating API Security Testing - The hard way vs The easy way

APIs are taking over the world! Using APIs to expose core business functionality and facilitate service-to-service communication has become standard. Not only it gives us several control points but also makes it easier to deal with complex modern applications. Read more

Jayesh Bapu Ahire

AWS ML Hero / Founding Product Manager at TraceableAI

ARC104 - Pitfall Harry meets a greenfield

Pitfall Harry meets a greenfield (a.k.a. My lessons learned whilst architecting and developing a greenfield cloud application) Many developers would love to work on a greenfield project. No pre-existing boundaries, the sky is the limit. Read more

Christiaan Nieuwlaat

Thoughleader Cloud Security & Architecture / Solution Architect at Leaseplan

DAT303 - AWS Aurora Serverless V2

Aurora Serverless V2 is a new offering from Aurora product line of managed MySQL and PostgreSQL relational databases. It is named as Serverless but is it really “serverless”? This session will help you understand how this product works as it will deep dive into Aurora internals and explain how exactly it evolved from V1 and non-serverless offerings. Read more

Goran Opacic

MySQL and Java enthusiast / AWS Data Hero / CEO of Esteh

SLS208 - Accelerating InnerSource at enterprise scale with GitHub action runners in AWS cloud at Philips

Traditionally, software was developed in closed systems using on-prem hardware. Today we are breaking down the siloed way of working at Philips by moving the code and CI/CD jobs to the AWS cloud. Read more

Niek Palm

Principal Engineer at Philips Software Center of Excellence

DOP301 - Policy as Code: Putting best practices in your repository

Governance and Compliance can be a bottleneck when building infrastructure. In this talk we will look at different ways to enforce and encourage best practices, where they can fit in the Software Development Lifecycle and at different ways of running them. Read more

Ben Bridts

AWS Community Hero, Principal AWS Technologist at Cloudar

ARC301 - AWS can cost an arm and a leg – What can we do about it?

In this session we want to show one case of how continuous architecting helped us to reduce overall costs - how we started, what we did, what is current state and what we want to achieve. Read more

Katerina Tashoska

Cloud Architect in ActiveVideo

ARC109 - Microservices Integration on AWS

Choosing between monolithic and microservices is always challenging when starting a new project. But if you decide to go with Microservices, the challenges aren’t over. One primary concern you must consider is how the microservices will communicate with each other. Read more

Daniel Bojczuk

Cloud and Devops Enthusiast | Software Engineer at WAES