AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

Main Stage
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Room Setup: Theater Seats: 60

Sessions (8)

SLS412 - Stepfunctions Advanced Design Patterns

New functionality and design patterns for AWS Step Functions. Read more

Jacob Verhoeks

Cloud Enthousiast / AWS Community Builder / AWS Cloud Architect at Schuberg Philis

DML102 - Introduction to Computer Vision on AWS

Machine learning is one of the most transformational technologies of our generation. In this session you will learn about the AWS ML Stack and how you can use AWS AI Services in your applications. Read more

Anastasia Pachni Tsitiridou

Solutions Architect at AWS

DML103 - Accelerate innovation with no-code and low-code Machine Learning

Business users are increasingly expected to apply machine learning to improve predictions quality and increase business outcomes. However, developing data science and data engineering skills can be time consuming. This session gives an overview of AWS machine learning capabilities for builders of all levels of expertise. Read more

Felipe Augusto Chies

Sr. Business Development Manager - AI/ML at AWS

DOP303 - OpenTelemetry on AWS, beyond the instrumentation and into resource attributes

OpenTelemetry is the emerging open-source standard for collecting telemetry like distributed tracing data, metrics and logs. While examples abound for adding basic instrumentation to applications, a lot of potential is left untapped in terms of annotating through resource attributes where that telemetry is collected in terms of infrastructure, orchestration service, etc. Read more

Michele Mancioppi

Product Manager at Lumigo

MIG102 - CANCELED! Mass migrations to the cloud (or: how to eat an elephant)

CANCELED! Q: How do you move hundreds of interconnected applications, databases, queues and whatnot from your data centre to the cloud? A: Like how you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Read more

Piet van Dongen

Cloud Transformation Consultant at Luminis

SPN010 - Saving time, money & engineers: Automatically visualizing AWS infrastructure

Learn how to visualize your organization’s cloud infrastructure to drive better decisions in every area of your business. Come & join us to learn the power of visual communication & collaboration; how cloud visualization will help your team document, verify and optimize your architecture. Read more

Felicia Lin

Scrum Master | Scrum Product Owner | Lucid Customer Trainer

DML202 - CANCELED! Data Architecture in Guidion

CANCELED! Guidion delivers and innovates technical services in and around your home on behalf of partners. As a data team in Guidion, we help all Guidion members, experts, and residents achieve their objectives in a data-driven manner. Read more

Ereng├╝l Bayram

Data Engineer at Guidion

SLS310 - Building a serverless event management platform

Building a serverless platform does not come without challenges. During this talk, you will learn how serverless services like EventBridge, Step Functions, SQS and DynamoDB work together at scale. We will dive into where bottlenecks are formed and show how we mitigated these bottlenecks to create a production ready, cost-effective event management platform for a logistics company. Read more

Luuk Rutten

Cloud Consultant and Enthusiast @ CloudNation