AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

Main Stage
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Room Setup: Theater Seats: 120

This location is located to the right of the keynote area.

Sessions (7)

SPN014 - The code-building power of CDK bundling in your serverless application

When the lines between infrastructure and application code get increasingly blurred in your Serverless environment, for many DevOps teams, the path of least resistance is to lean into infrastructure as code tools such as the AWS Cloud Development Kit and build increasingly converged codebases. Read more

Elvin Luff

Consulting Engineer at Oblivion | Part of Xebia

SLS301 - How to choose the right messaging service for your workload

At the heart of every event-driven architecture is a conduit for messages to flow through. AWS offers many services that can act as such conduit - EventBridge, SNS, SQS, Kinesis, DynamoDB streams, MSK, IOT Core and Amazon MQ just to name a few! Read more

Yan Cui

AWS Serverless Hero / Developer Advocate at Lumigo

SLS305 - Lift and Shift to a WebApp to Serverless. Is that even possible?

This talk will take you on a migration journey. You will see an example, on how to do a lift and shift migration of an existing web application to the cloud and to serverless services, such as, AWS Lambda, AWS Amplify, Amazon Cognito, AWS S3 and others. Read more

Marcia Villalba

Developer Advocate at AWS

SPN013 - Building a Cloud Center of Excellence: 5 DO’s and 5 DON’Ts

Establishing a team that leads the organisation in cloud adoption, migration and operations is the key to cloud success. This team is called a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and focuses not only on engineering but also on providing governance to organisations adopting the cloud. Read more

Jeroen van der Leer

Cloud Consultant at Oblivion | Part of Xebia

SLS309 - Advanced Event Driven Patterns at The LEGO Group

Advanced Event Driven Patterns at The LEGO Group “It is simpler than ever before to design and implement event-driven architectures at scale. With AWS providing a wealth of services, developers can formulate ideas, design, implement and release them at lightning speed. Read more

Sarah Hamilton

AWS Community Builder / Software Engineer at the LEGO Group

SLS311 - PostNL: IoT at Scale with Serverless Evolutionary Architectures

PostNL tracks the location, movement, and usage of more than 300.000 assets across the Netherlands. To be able to achieve this, the PostNL IoT Team builds and maintains a platform to process millions of updates per minute. Read more

Selcuk Sasoglu

Lead Software Engineer at PostNL

ARC206 - How to get stuck on your container journey to the promised land

Organisations often make the decision to use a technology without truly understanding the implications of that decision. For example, EKS/Kubernetes is promised to be the holy grail that will solve all problems that ever happened in IT, but often brings more struggles than solutions and that makes it a prime case of this phenomenon. Read more

Sidney Borrego y Diaz

Cloud Consultant at Oblivion | Part of Xebia