We are inviting all Community Day participants to join us in playing the Community Day Quiz and win prizes! Join us by simply signing up for Community Day and joining on the 22nd.

What now?

In between talks we will play…

  • 4 rounds where you have to…
    • …guess AWS services based on their logo or description…
    • …answer AWS certification-like questions…
    • …answer trivia…
    • …name AWS celebrities.
  • …with each round lasting 5 minutes
  • …where you will get 10 multiple choice questions
  • …which will lead to…
    • 1 winner
    • 3 runners-up
    • …and 6 runners-up-runners-up!


At the start of the Community Day we will give all (online and offline) guests a link to play the quiz. During rounds, you can answer questions using your smartphone, laptop or any other internet connected device. At the end of each round, we will show intermediate results. At the end of the evening, the winners are announced and their prizes sent to them.

Prrrrizes! 🏆

Not convinced yet? In the very unlikely case, let us lure you in with prizes:

Amazon Echo (4th gen)
Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen)