We’re looking for speakers! Submit your proposal asap, because we start selecting proposals as they come in and we will keep adding speakers and sessions until the very last moment possible.

Be aware the day program (10:00-15:00) may have a small registration fee for attendees.

Session types:

  • Workshops 1H (10:00-15:00)
  • Workshops 2H (10:00-15:00)
  • Workshops 3H (10:00-15:00)
  • Session 1H (10:00-15:00)
  • Keynote (16:00-18:00)
  • Meetup Style Session 20M + 10M QA (19:00-22:00)

We are already working on a very strong keynote line-up. If you think you’re ready to be part of this line-up, feel free to submit a proposal! We definitely don’t want to miss great speakers, but the chance of getting selected is low.

Submit your proposal