AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

ARC301 - AWS can cost an arm and a leg – What can we do about it?

20M Meetup Style - Room: postwagon-4 - Start Time: 19:45

In this session we want to show one case of how continuous architecting helped us to reduce overall costs - how we started, what we did, what is current state and what we want to achieve. Read more

Katerina Tashoska

Cloud Architect in ActiveVideo

RTB001 - Being Part of the AWS Community - with our Panel of Builders from the South

Panel Discussion - Room: zandstraalcabine - Start Time: 19:45

Ever wondered what the Builders and Heroes program is about? Or maybe even dreaming of becoming one? Feel free to ask Luc, Maarten, Ben and Yolanda anything about their experiences as being AWS Community Builder or AWS Hero. Read more

Walter Heck


SLS231 - Blazing fast serverless with Rust

20M Meetup Style - Room: postwagon-2 - Start Time: 19:45

Even if you can use almost any language to build your serverless app, some choices provide great advantages in terms of speed, which translates into more cost-effective functions. In this talk, we explore how to match Rust programming language, AWS SAM, and AWS Lambda millisecond billing. Read more

Daniele Frasca

AWS Community Builder | Head of Syndication at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE.

DML202 - CANCELED! Data Architecture in Guidion

20M Meetup Style - Room: houtwagen - Start Time: 19:45

CANCELED! Guidion delivers and innovates technical services in and around your home on behalf of partners. As a data team in Guidion, we help all Guidion members, experts, and residents achieve their objectives in a data-driven manner. Read more

Erengül Bayram

Data Engineer at Guidion

SPN019 - How I failed to become an AWS Community Builder (but how I will succeed next time and how you could as well)

20M Meetup Style - Room: wk-5 - Start Time: 19:45

Are you trying or would you like to become an AWS community builder? Then the title doesn’t sound something like you would like hearing, right? Well… I recently experienced being not accepted into the AWS community builders program, and trust me I learned a lot from it. Read more

Enri Peters

Full time nerd, MCE and AWS addict @ Schuberg Philis

IDE104 - How unconscious bias affects innovation

20M Meetup Style - Room: werkwagen - Start Time: 19:45

How unconscious bias affects innovation creating awareness concerning unconscious bias, the impact, how it affects us all and how we can mitigate it. Read more

Nathalie Håkenstad

Enterprise Account Manager & Glamazon Nordics Board Member at AWS

SLS312 - Is your serverless REST API well-architected?

20M Meetup Style - Room: postwagon-1 - Start Time: 19:45

There is a lot of content out there showing how to deploy a serverless REST API to AWS but rarely it’s production-ready. Not this time! In this session, you will learn in 10 steps how to go from your first deployment to a production-graded serverless REST API. Read more

Fernando Goncalves

Serverless Enthusiast / Solutions Architect at AWS

SLS203 - OWASP Serverless Top 10

20M Meetup Style - Room: postwagon-3 - Start Time: 19:45

In moving to serverless, we shift some security responsibilities to the infrastructure provider by eliminating the need to manage servers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we’re entirely absolved of all security duties. Read more

Tal Melamed

Serverless Security / AWS Community Builder / Project Leader at OWASP Foundation

SLS311 - PostNL: IoT at Scale with Serverless Evolutionary Architectures

20M Meetup Style - Room: droogcabine - Start Time: 19:45

PostNL tracks the location, movement, and usage of more than 300.000 assets across the Netherlands. To be able to achieve this, the PostNL IoT Team builds and maintains a platform to process millions of updates per minute. Read more

Selcuk Sasoglu

Lead Software Engineer at PostNL

SPN022 - Securing CDK pipelines in an enterprise organization

20M Meetup Style - Room: wk-6 - Start Time: 19:45

Working in an enterprise organization will bring extra security requirements to the table. Talks with CISO, adhering security standards, extra network requirements. All these things are not out of the box with CDK pipelines. Read more

Yvo van Zee

Cloud Consultant at Oblivion | Part of Xebia