AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

SLS208 - Accelerating InnerSource at enterprise scale with GitHub action runners in AWS cloud at Philips

1H Deep Dive - Room: postwagon-4 - Start Time: 15:30

Traditionally, software was developed in closed systems using on-prem hardware. Today we are breaking down the siloed way of working at Philips by moving the code and CI/CD jobs to the AWS cloud. Read more

Niek Palm

Principal Engineer at Philips Software Center of Excellence

DAT201 - Architecting with AWS purpose-built databases

1H Deep Dive - Room: postwagon-1 - Start Time: 15:30

In this session we will explore AWS purpose built database solutions and how to choose the right database for the right workload. We will also cover key migration aspects including heterogenous migrations (for example, Oracle on premise to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL), Using tools like AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) and Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) that helps you migrate databases to AWS quickly and securely. Read more

Roni Vered

Senior Database Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS

SPN013 - Building a Cloud Center of Excellence: 5 DO’s and 5 DON’Ts

1H Deep Dive - Room: droogcabine - Start Time: 15:30

Establishing a team that leads the organisation in cloud adoption, migration and operations is the key to cloud success. This team is called a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and focuses not only on engineering but also on providing governance to organisations adopting the cloud. Read more

Jeroen van der Leer

Cloud Consultant at Oblivion | Part of Xebia

SLS102-P2 - Building serverless apps with Python - Part II

2H Workshop - Room: zandstraalcabine - Start Time: 15:30

The workshop will guide participants through the process of building a serverless application with Python, with an API and a database, using tools that provide an optimal developer experience. Dear participants, please do the initial setup in advance to save time. Read more

Ivica Kolenkaš

Cloud consultant at | Part of Xebia

SPN025 - How do I understand my cyber risk and prioritize what matters most in my AWS Environment?

1H - Room: wk-1 - Start Time: 15:30

Developers are programmatically defining cloud native infrastructure, but security teams are manually mitigating risks in runtime. Moreover, operations teams make changes to cloud native infrastructure in runtime, but security teams lack context on the changes and have to manually mitigate risks. Read more

Olaf de Ruiter

Security Engineer at Tenable

ARC202 - Implement DevSecOps at scale using AWS Cloud Native Services

1H Deep Dive - Room: postwagon-3 - Start Time: 15:30

Security implementations and considerations are always at the forefront of any workload development and deployment; whether it be in an on-premise environment, or in the Cloud. But how do these discussions change when developers create containerised applications on AWS? Read more

Yohan Wadia

WWPS Solutions Architect at AWS

DOP302 - Mistakes I made writing Infrastructure as Code, and how to avoid them

1H Deep Dive - Room: werkwagen - Start Time: 15:30

There have been ways to generate CloudFormation templates using general-purpose programming languages since 2013. As such, there have been many learning opportunities even before tools like the Cloud Development Kit (CDK) were released. Read more

Ben Bridts

AWS Community Hero, Principal AWS Technologist at Cloudar

SLS214 - No, I don't need servers for .NET development in AWS!

1H Deep Dive - Room: postwagon-2 - Start Time: 15:30

No, I do not need to manage any servers for .NET development in AWS. Serverless is a hot topic, and for most .NET developers, that means they instinctively look at Microsoft Azure. Read more

Rob Van Pamel

.NET Software Architect at Axxes IT Consultancy

DOP303 - OpenTelemetry on AWS, beyond the instrumentation and into resource attributes

1H Deep Dive - Room: houtwagen - Start Time: 15:30

OpenTelemetry is the emerging open-source standard for collecting telemetry like distributed tracing data, metrics and logs. While examples abound for adding basic instrumentation to applications, a lot of potential is left untapped in terms of annotating through resource attributes where that telemetry is collected in terms of infrastructure, orchestration service, etc. Read more

Michele Mancioppi

Product Manager at Lumigo

SPN029 - RDS: keys and recommendations

1H - Room: wk-6 - Start Time: 15:30

Collection of key features and recommendations from diverse angles Read more

Diego Munoz

Sr. Cloud Data Architect @DoiT

SPN007 - Standardize your cloud with Feature Store

1H Deep Dive - Room: wk-2 - Start Time: 15:30

We saw the need at our customers to deploy cloud foundations for their Devs and DevOps teams. We developed ‘Feature Store for the cloud’ to conform to standardization and security which is deployable in an automated fashion. Read more

Vaibhav Shah

Lead Architect | AWS | Sogeti

SPN028 - Why end-to-end monitoring is essential for AWS Lambda applications?

1H - Room: wk-5 - Start Time: 15:30

If you are building applications based on Lambda or microservices architectures, you need full visibility into all tiers of your stack to help you: Optimize response time hotspots Optimize timing hotspots Simplify error analytics Understand and optimize your architecture Read more

Mahil el Khatib

Solution Engineer at Dynatrace