AWS Community Day NL

OCT. 3, 2022   |   12:00 - 22:00 CET   |   RIJTUIGENLOODS, AMERSFOORT

MIG101 - Architecting for Sustainability

1H Deep Dive - Room: postwagon-2 - Start Time: 12:30

AWS is focused on efficiency in every aspect of our infrastructure, and builders can accelerate the sustainability of their workloads through optimization and informed architecture patterns. This session dives deep into techniques recommended by the AWS Well-Architected Framework and provides direction on reducing the energy and carbon impact of AWS architectures. Read more

Zamira Jaupaj

Enterprise Solutions Architect at AWS

SPN002 - Assumption is the Mother of all Failures — why having a detailed SRM is key to 100% customer satisfaction.

1H Deep Dive - Room: postwagon-1 - Start Time: 12:30

More than 10 years ago AWS introduced their initial version of the infamous AWS Shared Responsible Model. As an MSP Partner, Schuberg Philis took this model to the next level as in their view it’s not just AWS and the Customer who share responsibility. Read more

Daan Stakenburg

Information Security Officer at Schuberg Philis

ARC205 - Automating API Security Testing - The hard way vs The easy way

1H - Room: postwagon-4 - Start Time: 12:30

APIs are taking over the world! Using APIs to expose core business functionality and facilitate service-to-service communication has become standard. Not only it gives us several control points but also makes it easier to deal with complex modern applications. Read more

Jayesh Bapu Ahire

AWS ML Hero / Founding Product Manager at TraceableAI

SPN020 - Cloud Security Posture Management done well

1H - Room: wk-5 - Start Time: 12:30

Sounds like a thing that takes time to set up, doesn’t it? Let’s set it up together in under an hour! You will set up a CloudOne account and we’ll help you attach your own AWS environment, providing you direct results and insights. Read more

Sebastiaan van der Meer

DevOps Evangelist and Solution Architect

LDS201 - Cloud Sustainability | A Union of FinOps and GreenOps

1H Deep Dive - Room: postwagon-3 - Start Time: 12:30

With the advent of public cloud and its widespread adoption, the IT consumption model has moved from CapEx to OpEx model as more and more companies are operating in public cloud. Read more

Mudit Gupta

Cloud Financial Management Consultant

DOP103 - Make CodeCommit work for you

1H Deep Dive - Room: werkwagen - Start Time: 12:30

CodeCommit is a git repo, but compared to GitHub you are missing some features. In this session I will show you some techniques on how you can optimise your workflow when you make use of CodeCommit. Read more

Joris Conijn

Cloud Consultant | Part of Xebia

DAT202-P1 - Speedrun setting up your own datalab in AWS - Part I

2H Workshop - Room: zandstraalcabine - Start Time: 12:30

In this workshop you will, within two hours, create an AWS datalab that you can use to import, parse and analyse data with. This is a two hour workshop 12:30-14:30! Read more

Nick de Wijer-Graafstra

AWS Community Builder | Senior Cloud Infrastructure Consultant at HeleCloud

SLS412 - Stepfunctions Advanced Design Patterns

1H - Room: houtwagen - Start Time: 12:30

New functionality and design patterns for AWS Step Functions. Read more

Jacob Verhoeks

Cloud Enthousiast / AWS Community Builder / AWS Cloud Architect at Schuberg Philis

SPN014 - The code-building power of CDK bundling in your serverless application

1H Workshop - Room: droogcabine - Start Time: 12:30

When the lines between infrastructure and application code get increasingly blurred in your Serverless environment, for many DevOps teams, the path of least resistance is to lean into infrastructure as code tools such as the AWS Cloud Development Kit and build increasingly converged codebases. Read more

Elvin Luff

Consulting Engineer at Oblivion | Part of Xebia

SPN003 - Using the New Relic platform: Explorer, Navigator, and Lookout

1H Deep Dive - Room: wk-6 - Start Time: 12:30

During this workshop we will go through Explorer, Navigator and Lookout to help you understand how you can see everything in one place and get a real-time view of your entire environment in New Relic. Read more

Daisy Muyldermans

Solutions Consultant at New Relic