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Agenda October, 27

The agenda and sessions are subject to change.

Opening Keynote
12:40 Corey Quinn (Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group)
13:00 Walter Heck
Kamini Aisola (General Manager Benelux at AWS)
Joost van der Vlies (PostNL)
Roland Keijzer (Bynder)
Dr. Werner Vogels (CTO & Martijn van Dongen
Breakout Sessions
Various Topics

Host: Jeroen Jacobs
DevOps/Security/ Architects
Host: Walter Heck

Host: Zamira Jaupaj

Host: Maarten Bruntink
14:00 Cost Management
Michel Zitman, Jeroen Jacobs
DevOps Culture and Security
Christiaan Nieuwlaat
Continuous verification for serverless applications
Gunnar Grosch
Welcome to the serverless party
Robert Slootjes
AWS Office Hours
Hosted by Sohan Maheshwar, featuring AWS Developer Advocates, AWS Community Heroes, Builders and Members, Speakers, and Customers.
14:30 What should I wear today?
Agustinus Nalwan
Preparing EKS for Production Environment
Serkan Capkan
Building Serverless Applications with the AWS CDK
Marek Kuczynski
Patterns and Practices for Building Resilient AWS Serverless Applications
Yan Cui
15:00 Dutch ride of an autodidact and founder
Bas Tichelaar
CloudFormation, SAM and CDK tips & tricks
Karen Tovmasyan
Building event-centric serverless applications with Amazon EventBridge
James Beswick
Accelerate Your Serverless Adoption with Amazon EventBridge
Sheen Brisals
15:30 Short Break (10 min)
15:40 500-pound plague in the room
Sepehr Lorestani
CDK in complex environments
Tim Neese
Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption with AWS Control Tower
Zamira Jaupaj
AWS Lambda Under the Hood
Ben de Haan
16:10 The future is voice
Ruben Oost
KMS and CMK best practices
Stuart Scott
There’s always more than one way to solve a problem in the AWS Cloud
Mark Nunnikhoven
Resizing thousands of images daily, one Step at a time
Ivica Kolenkas
Closing Keynote
16:40 Diversity & Inclusion
Kamini Aisola, Simone van Erp
17:00 Presentation by AEGON
Anke Schlichting
17:15 Technical / Business Round Table
Marina Segal, Anke Schlichting, Lotta Croiset van Uchelen Feberwee, Detelina Vassileva, Zamira Jaupaj
17:45 Final Remarks
The AWS Community Day Amsterdam Online Organization
18:00 End